Tips and DIY Décor for a Winter Wedding

I recently joined the B. Mingled Weddings and Events team over the summer and let me tell you…it has been a fun learning experience! Working with such talented people has inspired me to put my creativity to work. I am looking forward to 2015 and the other weddings and events I will be able to work on with the B. Mingled team.

As the winter season is approaching and things are settling down, I’ve drawn some inspiration for some winter wedding décor ideas from the two beautiful weddings I worked on during the summer and fall seasons.

But before we get creative, let’s look at the numbers and see how much it costs to have a wedding in the Northern Virginia area. There is an increase on how much couples are willing to spend on their big day. According to CNNMoney, couples in the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C./suburban Maryland areas are spending an average of $37,487. Although couples are spending more on their wedding, there is a trend that they are inviting fewer guests. Instead, they are choosing to allocate more of their money on wedding décor and/or entertainment.

Luckily Northern Virginia is home of local vendors who pay special attention to details to make each couples’ wedding unique and personalized. According to the Northern Virginia Magazine there are caterers who can incorporate family recipes into the menu and personalize it for the couple. Now this would be perfect for fusion weddings!

Now that we have some ideas on budgeting and vendors, let’s move on to the fun part. Get ready to get your hands dirty with some DIY winter wedding décor.

This branch centerpiece captures the perfect winter wedding atmosphere. Adding the hydrangeas shows a beautiful contrast against the long branches. Hanging small votive candles creates an intimate atmosphere for the guests.

If you love the branch centerpiece idea, why not incorporate branches into your décor throughout the venue? Now take it a step further and add a subtle dimension of sparkle by creating iced covered branches.

If you want to add some color to your winter wedding décor, using fresh berries will do the trick! One option is to use red berries then placing a candle on top. Or you can use red berries and small branches, then add some water and rest a floating candle on top. Better yet, use a combination of both!

This delicate, simple yet beautiful string chandelier brings a different element to your décor. Feel free to spray paint your motif colors onto the string chandelier. Add battery-operated candles inside the string chandelier or weave some string lights in and out of the string chandeliers.

    DIY place card holder
One of the most important parts of the wedding…place cards! This simple DIY place card holder
will complete the finishing touches to a winter wedding.

  Now to finish it off to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding reception, invest in lighting. Senta Martz says, “Lighting is the first component. The correct use of up-lighting to accent walls, focal tables (such as head table, cake table, dessert bar, etc.) and centerpieces are important.” For more tips to completing the perfect atmosphere, read Everything For a Jaw-Dropping, Eye-Popping Wedding.

~Ashley Joanna, B.Mingled Weddings and Events, LLC.