Two weeks ago I had the profound opportunity to attend Wedding Wire World 2016. I wanted to share with you my “take away” from this experience…

When I entered the vast hall at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, I was greeted by smoky purple lights, pumping dance music, a sea of chairs, and hundreds of people that were eager to meet one another. Having never attended this event in that past, I was not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I became fast friends with the people I sat beside.


The 3-day experience was packed full of noteworthy speakers, such as, internationally celebrated cake Designer Syliva Weinstock, Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson, and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel.


I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations by all of these dynamic women but the most impactful words came from one of the founders of the Rising Tide Society, Natalie Franke. Her session was titled “The Brain Behind the Business”. She talked about creating and marketing your brand through a sensory experience. She encouraged us to answer questions such as:


·       What does your brand look like?


·       How does it feel to the touch?


·       Does it have a fragrance? What does it smell like?


·       What does it taste like?


·       What does it sound like?


Initially, I was quite perplexed by these questions…what does my brand smell like? How in the world could I answer a question like that? I sat there for a few moments and realized that for me, B.Mingled evokes that scents of vanilla and lavender. These aromas create a sense of comfort, relaxation and anti-stress…these are the same feelings that I want our clients to experience when working with the B.Mingled team. What does our brand taste like? I believe it tastes like a homemade melt-in-your-mouth macaroon. What does it sound like? I hear the lilt of the strings in the background surrounded by the twinkling of candlelight.
I really found that the exercise of answering these sensory questions caused me to think about what B.Mingled is to me on a completely higher level. I strongly encourage anyone that is an entrepreneur to complete this exercise for their own business. I guarantee that it will greatly impact the way you market and present your brand to your clients.
Yours in Planning,