“…we are Inspiring Artists, Innovative Designers, and Brilliantly Creative.”

Warm lighting illuminates a welcoming entrance. Enticing fragrances awaken the senses. The sound of music enhances the scene. Your guests are stunned, the decor looks dazzling, and you mingle with a smile on your face. One defined celebration brought together flawlessly.

“You are the host and this is YOUR event. We understand the moment.”

Whether your style reveals glitz and glam or simple and chic, the importance of design and decor showcase the true passion of B.Mingled Weddings & Events. Our team loves to creates couture designs that give your occasion a signature look and remarkable style.

Our designers produce personalized pieces to ensure it’s all about YOU.  From hand-crafted stationary to custom linens, and lavish design ideas to classic decor, every detail becomes infused to create an occasion you and your guests will adore.

Contact us today (events@bmingled.com or 571.354.0411) to schedule a complimentary 60 minute consultation where we will discover your visions and celebrate your inspirations.