Ever dream of going to Tuscany to have an intimate, countryside wedding… or have you ever wanted to celebrate your anniversary with friends in the Caribbean? Planning a destination event is a HUGE endeavor. Knowing the basics of transportation, local “hot spots,” culture, and legalities can make for a stressful situation!

Do you have a venue in mind, or not even sure where you want to go? How can you make sure you stay within budget and still have everything necessary?

Look no further. We can take care of everything…and even add the special touches that make the occasion memorable.

We meet one-on-one to develop a plan for you, create a custom program, and become a personal guide for your most celebrated destination events.

Contact us today (events@bmingled.com or 571.354.0411) to schedule a complimentary 60 minute consultation where we will discover your visions and celebrate your inspirations.